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      Ozone disinfection
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      Ozone technology is a both old and new technology, in 1840 the German chemist who invented the technology,1856 were used for water treatment disinfection industry. At present, ozone has been widely used in water treatment, air purification, aquaculture and other fields, for the development of these industries played a great role in promoting. Ozone can be used for preparing the generating principle of the ozone generator, ozone by high voltage discharge, corona discharge, electrochemical, photochemical, atomic radiation method, the principle is the use of high-voltage electrical or chemical reaction, so that some of the oxygen in the air after the decomposition of polymerization for ozone, oxygen allotropic transformation is a process. The ozone formula O3.

      Ozone sterilizing principle

      Ozone is a strong oxidant, the sterilization process of biochemical oxidation reaction. O3 sterilization has the following 3 kinds of forms:

      1ozone can oxidize decompose bacteria internal glucose enzyme required, so that the bacterial inactivation of death.

      2 direct with bacteria, virus, destroy their organelles and DNA, RNA, allowing bacteria to the new supersedes the old. Is destroyed, cause bacterial death.

      3through the cell membrane organization, invasive intracellular, role in the outer membrane lipoprotein and lipopolysaccharide, so that bacteria occurred permeability distortion and dissolve dead.

      The advantages of ozone sterilization

      Ozone sterilization method for lysozyme level, thorough sterilization, no residue, broad-spectrum disinfection, can kill bacteria and bacillus, virus, fungus, and failure of botulinum toxin. In addition, O3on mould also has strong killing effect. O3 due to poor stability, soon will be decomposed into oxygen or an oxygen atoms, and can be combined into a single oxygen atom of oxygen molecules, there are no toxic residues, so, O3is a kind of free from contamination of disinfectant. O3as a gas, can quickly diffuse into the sterilization, sterilization is not dead. While the traditional sterilization method, either the UV, or chemical fumigation, has not completely, there is a corner, workload is big, there are residual contamination or smell and other shortcomings, and may damage the health of human body. As with ultraviolet disinfection, the light does not reach no effect, a recession, poor penetration, the service life is long. Chemical fumigation also exist deficiencies, such as the resistance strong bacteria and viruses, then the sterilization effect is not obvious.

      Ozone sterilization effect

      Ozone sterilization speed and effect is incomparable, its high redox potential of its decision to oxidation, decoloration, in addition to taste the extensive application, studies have pointed out, the ozone is dissolved in water, water can kill almost all substances harmful to human body, such as iron, manganese, chromium, sulfate, phenol, benzene, oxide, also can decompose organic matter and algae.

      Ozone disinfection and sterilization method with conventional sterilization method compared with the following characteristics:

      (1) efficiency. Ozone disinfection and sterilization in air for coal, and do not need any other auxiliary materials and additives. The body is inclusive, thorough sterilization, as there is a strong addition to mycophenolate, fishy, foul smell function.

      (2) high detergency. Quick ozone into oxygen characteristic, is ozone as a sterilization unique advantages. Ozone is generated by the use of oxygen in the air, disinfection process, excess oxygen at 30 minutes and combined into molecular oxygen, no residue, solve the disinfectant method produces two pollution problems, while eliminating the end again after cleaning disinfection.

      (3) convenience. Ozone sterilizer is usually installed in the clean room or air purification system or the sterilizing chamber ( such as ozone sterilization cabinet, transfer window etc. ). According to the testing to verify sterilizing concentration and time, set the sterilizer opening and running time by time, convenient operation and use.

      (4) economy. Through the ozone disinfection and sterilization in many pharmaceutical industry and health care unit use and comparison of operation, ozone disinfection method compared with other methods that have great economic benefit and social benefit. In today's rapid industrial development, environmental problems are especially important, and ozone disinfection but avoids other disinfection method for generating two pollution.

      Ozone disinfection field

      Domestic ozone technology is gradually mature, the ozone gradually by people place hep, because of its disinfection ability instead of conventional sterilization was applied to environmental resource protection areas:.

      Environmental resource protection areas: water crisis is the main reason of waste, pollution, water distribution and irrigation, which is about 550000000cubic meters / year water polluted. As an efficient sterilization, the ozone antidote natural attracted many scientists to study its application in water pollution treatment and industrial water saving technology. The United States of America groundwater technology companies in the test using ozonation treatment technology of soil and groundwater pollution success. The company's test showed that ozonation technology, in a few months to eliminate the 35~ 98% of toxic substances, and these toxic substances with volatile, biodegradation and other traditional method to process requires several years. Studies have shown that, by ozone combined with UV irradiation can be toxic hydrocarbons in industrial waste water is oxidized and decomposed, and the removal of heavy metal ions. This method in wastewater treatment of dyestuff industry has achieved 95% of the purification rate, than the traditional method improves25%. After the treatment of industrial waste water can be recycled, avoid water and soil pollution, saving industrial water. In developed countries, ozone technology to the treatment of drinking water, desalination and other aspects have also been obtained application.

      In addition to environmental resources abroad, ozone technology applied in aquaculture, fisheries, agriculture, food processing industry and other fields.

      In aquatic products processing application, in frozen aquatic products cold pretreatment, through the ozone water spray sterilization on water system products health indicators can play a good role in the control of.

      In the cold storage application mainly has three aspects: one is to kill microbe sterilization; two is to make all sorts of smelly inorganic or organic matter oxidation a deodorant; three is to make the new supersedes the old. Products of oxidation, thereby inhibiting the process of the new supersedes the old.