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      Heze exlen water treatment Co., Ltd
      Contact person:MR. Hou
      Address: Shandong province Heze city of Phoenix A building 1012 room
      GL-060 boiler detergents ( alkaline solid )
      Date:2012-10-09 17:52 Hit:

      One, product performance

      GL-060 type high efficient detergent for boiler is composed of chelating dispersing agent, cleaning, compound and into, GL-060 type high efficient boiler with cleaning and corrosion of the dual role, in the application process has high cleaning speed, good cleaning effect, low corrosion rate. GL-060 type high efficient boiler mainly by chelation and dispersion will furnace formed scale stripping is dispersed into the water, on the boiler body and the attachment of the damage to the small, not because the dosage or cleaning a long time caused by the wash, different from the usual hydrochloric acid cleaning, no water iron, copper and other harmful ions interference, for low pressure boiler cleaning.

      Two, technical indicators

      Item index

      Appearance white powder

      PH ( 1% 13± 1 water solution)

      Three, the use of methods

      GL-060 type high efficient boiler cleaning dosage according to the boiler capacity and scale size, drug concentration is boiler volume 1 - 3.

      Four, packing and storage

      GL-060 type high efficient boiler with a plastic barrel, barrel 20kg or according to user needs. Store in a cool place, storage period of twelve months.

      Five, security and protection

      GL-060 type high efficient boiler is weak alkaline, operation attention to labor protection, to avoid contact with skin, eye contact, rinse with plenty of water