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      Heze exlen water treatment Co., Ltd
      Contact person:MR. Hou
      Address: Shandong province Heze city of Phoenix A building 1012 room
      PA-1002 flocculant ( liquid )
      Date:2012-10-09 18:24 Hit:

      Properties and uses of a.

      Wing Wo flocculant is the high polymer, forming a fast, good activity, filter, adapted to the pH value of wide, strong adaptability, wide range of uses, to sterilization, deodorization, fluoride, aluminum, chromium, oil removal, turbidity, in addition to heavy metal salts, in addition to radioactive pollutants in various water sources, purification process with extensive use.

      1, purifying drinking water, domestic sewage.

      2, industrial water purification, industrial wastewater treatment, mining, oil field injection water, purified water, metallurgy, coal washing, made of leather and a variety of chemical sewage treatment.

      3, industrial production and application; sizing dyeing, printing and dyeing, cement quick-setting agent, hardening agent, precision casting refractory material viscosity, purification of glycerol, cloth crease, medicine, cosmetics and other industries, the wastewater can be recycled.

      In 4, refined by industry, for separation of oil and water, the effect is very good.

      In 5, the company can be based on user demand production of different specifications of products

      Two, technical indicators

      Liquid index item

      Appearance yellow transparent liquid

      Active content≥ 8

      Density ( 20 ℃) g/cm3 ≥ 1.10

      PH (1% solution ) from 3 to 6

      Three, usage and dosage

      In 1, a liquid product directly with 10-30 times of water diluted to the required concentration

      In 2, the liquid products are generally for every ton of water adding 40-50g

      Four, packing and storage

      Packaging plastic barrels, 25KG/ barrels, or according to the customer demand is determined, stored in a cool and dry place, storage period of twelve months.

      Five, security and protection

      This product is non-toxic, encountered skin rinse