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      Heze exlen water treatment Co., Ltd
      Contact person:MR. Hou
      Address: Shandong province Heze city of Phoenix A building 1012 room
      Solemnly declare
      Where to buy EXLEN genuine products, are posted with this security logo.
      When you buy Ike brand products, you can immediately scratch the anti-counterfeit labels covered on the scraping layer, get a set of unique security password,you can choose one of the following ways to query:
      1.Online query: in the top of the search box to enter the anti-counterfeit password overlay content, you can check online;
      Security Code:

      2.Telephone inquiries: dial the National Commodity Information Verification Center query number 400-9635-315, follow the prompts to enter the password;
      3.Web site query: landing National Commodity Information Verification Center official website: www.china-fw315.com,ccording to the prompts to enter the security password.
      Tips:Each security code only supports a correct query, the specific query reply as follows:
      Correct query (first query):
      You are inquiring about the EXLEN brand products, this product is genuine, please rest assured that use!
      Duplicate queries (multiple queries):
      You have checked the security code has been checked, the first query time: * years * month * day * hour *, query: network / phone, please confirm! This is the first * query.
      Error Query (Password Error):
      You check the security code does not exist, beware of counterfeiting! Or contact with the company customer service!